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Physical Education

The High School Ballynahinch is a school with a long and successful sporting tradition and has always emphasised the importance of pupil involvement in a broad range of both team and individual sporting activity.  We foster strong links with local sports clubs.

The benefits of playing sports cannot be over stated.  Through participation in sports pupils can adopt life-long interests which will improve their physical and mental health and social relationships.

Physical education seeks to provide pupils with opportunities to:

  1. experience a wide range of sports activities as part of a curriculum programme
  2. become involved in an extensive range of extra curricular sporting activities
  3. develop sporting abilities through the provision of specialised coaching
  4. participate in both team and individual sporting competitions at school, local and provincial levels
  5. develop healthy lifestyles and physical well being
  6. enjoy the pleasure which can result from involvement in successful sport
  7. create an awareness of the benefits of teamwork

On site:

Off site:

  •  Activities Room
  • Fitness Room  
  • Gym    
  • Netball Court  
  • Playing Area  
  • Rugby Pitch  
  • Tennis Courts  
  • All Weather Hockey Pitch  
  • Running Track 
  • Archery
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Ballynahinch Leisure Centre
  • Andy Ward Fitness Centre 
  • Downpatrick Leisure Centre

Sports include:

Aerobics,   Athletics,  Badminton, Basketball,  Cross Country,  Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis

Extra curricular activities include:

Athletics,  Cross Country, Hockey, Netball,  Rugby, Soccer