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Mathematics & Numeracy

Mathematics is not only a body of knowledge and skills but is underpinned by mathematical process that is the foundation for applying and communicating mathematical thinking.

Why we study Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential tool for everyday life, being necessary in many aspects of work and leisure, but it is also a valuable subject in its own right, having made a significant contribution to the development of our present society.

We encourage pupils to be aware that their mathematical knowledge and skills are transferable to other subjects such as Science, Geography, and Design Technology.

Teaching Mathematics

We teach mathematics to help our young people develop problem solving, reasoning and communication skills along with other personal qualities.

In an increasingly exam orientated society we prepare our pupils for Key Stage 3 examinations and for the level of GCSE that best suits their ability. By finding success in mathematics pupils will begin to see it as a stimulating and enjoyable activity.

To help each young person to develop to their full potential mathematics is delivered via whole class teaching, group and paired work, maths games and activities and the use of ICT.

In a society where the calculator is regularly used we place a very great emphasis on mental maths and pupils developing their own mental maths skills and strategies for use in all school subjects and everyday life.

Homeworks are set regularly to monitor pupils’ progress and consolidate facts and processes learnt in class.  As with classwork, pupils are encouraged to present these on time, completed to the highest possible standard, with emphasis on presentation and with all calculations shown, again this is training for future work in the subject.