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The History Department aims to develop and empower pupils creative thinking, problem solving, curiosity, time management, managing information, exploration and resilience skills through the study of history.

With this in mind lessons are developed to:

  • enable pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them, how did we get to where we are? What makes you, you? What motivates people?
  • encourage pupils to become critical thinkers, recognise and acknowledge views of others while defending their own perspective
  • encourage communication through various modes of communication
  • improve knowledge and skills of historical enquiry
  • stimulate interest in history and cultural heritage and therefore encourage concern in sustainability of historical records and sites.

Key Stage 3

Topics covered at Key Stage 3 may include:

Year 8

  • Introduction to History
  • Development of historical skills
  • The history of me
  • The Normans in England
  • Ireland before the Normans
  • The Normans in Ireland
  • Castle development

 Year 9

  • Rivalry and Conflict
  • The Reformation
  • People of the reformation – personal project
  • The Tudors
  • The Spanish Armada
  • Ulster Plantation
  • The Battle of the Boyne

 Year 10

  • The potato famine
  • Nationalism and Unionism
  • The First World War
  • The two Irelands of 1916

 Key Stage 4

All GCSE classes follow the CCEA examination specification.

Year 11

Modern world studies: 
Northern Ireland 1968-1988 (compulsory), and
Germany 1933–1945   or   Life in the USA 1920-1933

Year 12

International relations 1945 -2003