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Discipline is an essential aspect of the education of young people as it is through this that positive learning takes place.

The school’s system of discipline is largely dependent on Class Tutors.

Ladder of Referral


Vice Principal

Junior/Senior Head of School

Class Tutor

Class Teacher

Discipline is not seen by the school simply as a response to those who will not conform, but rather to emphasise the positive aspects of behaviour and learning. It also seeks to minimise any actions which may hinder pupil education. Pupils are encouraged to cultivate an acceptance of and responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of these for themselves and others.

Through this positive approach, pupils are encouraged to subscribe to the rules of ‘good behaviour’ thereby creating a school climate in which effective learning takes place. Good behaviour is rewarded through a Merit System. Pupils who have demonstrated very good behaviour or exceptionally good work are rewarded by being awarded a merit in their Homework Diaries. As these accumulate privileges are given to those who gain set targets within the system. The school regards ‘poor behaviour’ as any action which disrupts the education of an individual or fellow pupils.

The school expects the support of parents in enforcing discipline and this expectation brings with it the need for effective and efficient two-way communication between the school and the home. The experience of the school, however, is that few pupils require sanctions to be applied to them and this testifies to the acceptance of the system and its success.