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Reports on pupils indicating attainment, progress, effort made, behaviour and attendance are sent to parents twice a year.

Parents of pupils in Years 8 - 11 normally receive these in December and June, while reports are sent to parents of Year 12 pupils in February.

The format of these reports is continually under review so as to ensure that pupils and parents receive good quality, easily understood information.

In June, staff will comment on subject specific progress as well as on Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, a key part of the Revised Curriculum.  Pupils will also recieve reports on their achievements in Communication, Using Maths and ICT.

In addition to the reports, during the course of the academic year, the school organises a Parental Consultation for each year group.  At these meetings, parents have the opportunity to discuss with teachers the performance and progress of their children as well as any difficulties being experienced.  The format of these meetings is such that it encourages effective two-way communication between staff and parents.  Parents who are unable to attend are encouraged to contact the school to make alternative arrangements. 

The relatively small size of the school allows for parents with concerns about progress to contact the school at any stage of the year to discuss their child’s problems.