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The aims of homework are:

  1. to help pupils to work, think and learn independently
  2. to provide feedback on pupils’ understanding
  3. to allow practice of skills learned in the classroom
  4. to develop self-discipline including the management of time
  5. to involve parents (and other adults) in pupils’ work

While homework is not meant to be a burden on pupils, its completion is an important part of school work and should, therefore, be taken seriously by all those involved.

As such, the school expects written homework to be neat, to be done to the best of the pupil’s ability, and to be handed in on time.

Parents and pupils should understand, however, that homework is not always of the written type and may involve other activities such as reading, learning, watching a TV programme, drawing, or research involving computers.

Pupils are expected to record their work in their homework diary and this is regularly checked by Class Tutors.