Drugs Education Policy

In our society drugs are used medically, socially and illegally. Drugs include alcohol, nicotine, solvents and illicit drugs.


The overall aim of drugs education for young people is:

  1. to minimise the number of young people who ever engage in drug misuse;
  2. to persuade those who are experimenting with or misusing drugs to stop; to enable any pupils who are misusing drugs or who have concerns about the misuse of drugs to seek help;
  3. to develop knowledge and understanding of themselves and others as individuals - their
    strengths and limitations, abilities, skills, personal qualities, potential, needs, attitudes and
  4. to develop self-esteem;
  5. to develop communication and decision making skills;
  6. to develop an understanding of the consequences of drug use;
  7. to form personal opinions about drugs and drugs use;
  8. to develop empathy and tolerance for people with different lifestyles;
  9. to have access to balanced information about drugs;
  10. to be informed about choices and options;
  11. to be aware of legalities in regard to drugs;
  12. to clarify values and attitudes;
  13. to develop personal and social skills relevant to healthy lifestyles;
  14. to provide information about external agencies where help may be sought.

Drugs Education is delivered through a developmental programme:

  1. as part of a PSD programme in junior school - Years 8, 9 and 10 taken as part of a programme with class tutor;
  2. involving some programmes of studies: Science, Technology, PE and RE;
  3. supplemented by a counselling system available to pupils where problems have been identified.

We liaise with a range of outside agencies such as the PSNI and Ulster Cancer Foundation and their personnel often assist with teaching in this area. Staff development is ongoing through training days and various courses.

We encourage a partnership with parents regarding drugs education.

Pupils found in possession of drugs will be dealt with in accordance with Police, SEELB and DENI policies.


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