Child Protection Policy

Aim: This school will do all in its power to protect its pupils from harm, and to provide a safe environment in which they can develop.

Child Abuse takes a number of forms:

  1. Neglect 
  2. Physical Abuse
  3. Sexual Abuse
  4. Emotional Abuse

Bullying is also a damaging and distressful form of abuse, which is not tolerated in our school. Pupils are made aware of this in particular during the annual Bullying Awareness Week when many activities are used to highlight the associated problems and how they should be tackled.

Pupils who are the victims of abuse often display emotional/behavioural difficulties.  Staff are alert to this and will report the matter to the designated teacher (Mr Hewitt).  If it is felt necessary to refer the matter to Social Services, this will be done by Mrs Moore and Mr Hewitt.

  • Complaints/information concerning child abuse will be kept on record, dated and signed.
  • Volunteers will be screened according to SEELB procedures.
  • Parents are encouraged to report any concerns to the designated teacher, Mrs Moore or the deputy designated teacher Mr Hewitt.

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