GCSE Science

Science is regarded as a core component of our school curriculum. Pupils entering Year 11 choose a Science course from the two available at present.

The two courses are:

  • Double Award Science
  • Single Award Science
Double Award Science

At present pupils have twelve periods per week. Altogether, six modules have to be studied. The requirements of the examination are:

  1. three end of module tests taken -
    • November Year 11 }
    • March Year 11 } 25%
    • June Year 11 }
  2. three terminal examinations in - June Year 12 50%
  3. coursework - 25%

The end of module tests may be taken at Foundation Tier or Higher Tier. These modules are ‘Living things and the processes of life’, ‘Using materials and understanding reactions’, Forces and Energy’.

The terminal examinations include questions on the above named modules as well as questions on the following modules - ‘Patterns, Problems and Processes’ - Environment and Genetics; Light, Sound, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism; Earth in Space. These papers are offered at:

  • Foundation Tier
  • Higher Tier

The coursework consists of a number of investigations set throughout the two years of the course. These are carried out by the pupils in groups or individually and are assessed on: planning, obtaining evidence and interpreting and evaluation. The best assessment in each of the above categories is forwarded to the Examination Board.

Completion of the above leads to the award of a double grade ie AA, BB, CC, DD etc

Single Award

At present pupils have six periods of science per week. In all six modules have to be studied. The requirements of the examination are:

  1. Six end of module tests: 72%
  2. Coursework - 28%

There is no terminal paper

The modules are - Staying Alive; Human Activity and Health; Chemical Patterns and Our Environment; Materials and their Management; Electricity, Waves and Communication; Food Safety; Radioactivity and Earth in Space. The end of module tests may be taken at Foundation Tier (Grades C-G) or Higher Tier (Grades A*-D)

The scheme of coursework assessment is based on the practical work carried out in Years 11 and 12.

Candidates will be assessed on:-

  1. Obtaining evidence
  2. Interpretation and evaluation of evidence
Use of Science for Careers

Auto electrician, Beautician, Dental Surgery Assistant, Dietician, Electrician, Engineer, Environmental Health Officer, Farmer, Fire-fighter, Fish Farmer, Forester, Funeral Director, Gardener, Glassmaker, HM Forces, Laboratory Technician, Merchant Navy, Nurse, Surveyor, Teacher, Veterinary Nurse, Zoo Keeper.

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