Head Boys & Girls 60th Anniversary

We have been compiling a list of Head Boys and Girls since the school began in 1955.

We have received much help from all our past pupils (on facebook & twitter) and teachers in trying to sort out this list, which is becoming more and more filled as the days go on.

Unfortunately we have a few names missing from some of the years.

A list of these years is below; if you know of anyone who was head boy or girl in these years please tag them on our facebook page, comment their name, or phone the school and talk to one of the team.


We want to get this right for the 60th Anniversary and with your help, we believe it will be!

Thank you once again, your help has been really appreciated in this venture.

Calling all Head Boys & Head Girls

The 60th Anniversary is fast approaching, and to commemorate this fantastic achievement, the school would like to get in contact with all previous Head Boys and Girls.

We understand that some may no longer be with us, but we would still like to hear from a family member of that person.

The school is looking to commemorate all previous Head Boys & Girls in a special way for this anniversary.

If you have any information regarding Head boys or Girls, please contact the school on 02897562424 asking to speak to a member of the Anniversary team.


Thank you.


New Kits and Sponsors

Yesterday saw the launch of the new Hockey and Football kits.  A massive thank you to the sponsors; without you this would not have been possible.

Our sponsors are NFU, Langley Community Group, Watson Fire Wood; Hockey kit and Morrison's Vivo; Football kit.

It’s fantastic to be part of a community who are always more than willing to assist their local school

The Hockey Kits (girls) go on tour tomorrow to Edinburgh for three days, we want to wish them the best of luck.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our webpage, Facebook(www.facebook.com/thehighschoolballynahinch) and Twitter @HSBallynahinch for updates of their games.



Major Investment for your child's learning

The High School Ballynahinch has a great future.

The school has undergone major renovations over the last 3 months with 8 refurbished classrooms, a new greenhouse for Horticulture Studies and a renovated foyer and reception area.


Pupils will also benefit from the thousands of pounds invested in interactive whiteboards for classrooms, with state of the art technology and hardware.

The new Senior Management at The High School Ballynahinch have been working hard in getting these renovations from SEELB and firmly believe that this school has an extremely bright future. This is supported by the fact that The High School Ballynahinch will be getting a new purpose built Changing Pavilion which will enhance the school's reputation as a centre for excellence in sport.


Senior Management team over looking the new Changing Pavilion Plans


Principal's Welcome


principal k moore

Welcome to the website of The High School Ballynahinch. 

We hope that you will find it informative and attractive.

Our website will give you detailed information about the school in general and also about current activities.

We are dedicated to the promotion of learning through high quality teaching in a caring, disciplined school environment as well as in the local and wider communities.

The needs of pupils are central to our school. We aim through a broad curriculum involving co-operation with local schools and other providers to offer an extensive portfolio of subjects suitable for a wide range of abilities.  Sport has an important role to play in helping pupils develop their many and diverse talents.

There is an excellent pastoral programme committed to ensuring that pupils feel valued. 

Through the pastoral system parents and pupils can call on assistance to deal promptly with any issues they may have.  The small size of the school and its semi-rural location contribute significantly to the success of the pastoral system.

The Staff and pupils are supported by a skilful Board of Governors who encourage the school to be a stimulating and high achieving organisation.

If you have any questions after using our website please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Mrs K. Moore


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